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Issues in Mac OS X's UI 1 - Opening Disk Images

I've used OS X for three years now. I love it for its well-designed user interface, ease of use and power.

I'm not an interface designer but a simple user. I don't know if Apple had any rationals against including the things I will list in this series of post, but maybe they just didn't intend to use the interface like I am.

Open Disk Images while saving a File

Let's take a look at the scenario: I have a encrypted disk image where I store all my private files I don't want anyone to read. I unmount it after every access. Now I want to save a new file to the disk image. I write and later I decide to save my work. If the disk image isn't already mounted (which is the normal case), I have to do the following procedure:

  1. Open a new Finder window
  2. Navigate to the folder where my disk image is located
  3. Double-Click the disk image
  4. Enter my Password, press Enter
  5. Go back to my save dialog
  6. Navigate to the disk image
  7. Click "Save"

This should be much easier.

Why isn't it possible to mount a disk image right from the save dialog? It would save many steps and would make the whole process way more intuitive.