Quadcopter: Quadrixette 30


  • Frame: Quadrixette 30 from http://eyefly.info & some 3D printed stuff
  • Motors: Tiger-Motors MT2208-18 (1100kV)
  • ESCs: Awesome AfroESC from Timecop & SimonK
  • Controller: Naze32 running baseflight
  • Props: HQ 8x5
  • Camera: GoPro Hero3 & Sony 600TVL CCD for FPV
  • Video-TX: Boscam 5.8Ghz
  • Receiver-Software: OpenLRSng (433Mhz)
  • Antennas: Sander-Style Dipole on RX, Circular-Polarized Antenna on vTX
  • Flight Time: About 12 Minutes on 2200mAh 4s

The Quadrixette is a small Quadcopter built for carrying a GoPro camera & CCD camera for FPV. It's pretty heavy for the size (about 1kg) but the nice 8" props and 4s battery make it a pretty agile Quadcopter perfect for FPV.